5 ways MeeBox Remembers Aaliyah

RIP Aaliyah

All week at MeeBox HQ, we have been playing Aaliyah’s music to celebrate the singer’s life, who tragically died in a plane crash exactly 14 years ago. She was only 24 years old but by this time had released 2 studio albums (and was about to drop the 3rd!) starred in two Hollywood blockbusters and influenced a whole generation of women with not only her music but fashion too – always rocking freshest nails and slickest outfits. Naturally we started to chit chat about how Aaliyah influenced us, and what made her the star she truly was. Here’s our salute to Miss Haughton…


1.    Sense of Style

Often you would see Aaliyah one day rocking baggy jeans and sunglasses and the next, dressed in sleek black dress for a movie premiere. In interviews, Aaliyah often said it was important to be herself and described her image as  “being important and best to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack” which she certainly did! This led her be the brand ambassador for major brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Moschino.

2.    Musical Influence for Today’s Performers

It’s hard not to see that performers you see on stage today have in some way, shape or form, been influenced by Aaliyah – from the likes of Rhianna, Rita Ora, Ciara and Beyonce. Aaliyah’s dance moves were always on point.


3.    Freshest Nails

Aaliyah was way ahead of her time and always rocked the freshest nails during interviews, music videos and red carpet moments. You have probably noticed Aaliyah make more than one appearance on the MeeBox Instagram account.


4.    The Sparkle in her Eyes

Aaliyah always managed to maintain that air of mystery about her with the infamous eye patch, which came about in the late 90’s when the singer changed her hairstyle for the release of second album “One in a Million”. In an interview, Aaliyah stated that she took her mother’s advice to cover her left eye, much like American actress Veronica Lake.


5.    Role Model

Way before the days of sex tape scandals, we had stars like Aaliyah that young women could look up to. Her lyrics were inspirational and uplifting, she always carried herself in a professional manner and used her talent, rather than her sex symbol status to sell her music.

RIP babygirl!

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