Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month –  an annual campaign, close to our hearts, that aims to increase awareness of the disease. To help, this month’s MeeBox is dedicated to all things pink. Each subscriber will receive a Lucky Dip MeeBox where all colours in the box will be range of different pinks and you guessed it […]

Top 5 Top Coats


MeeBox Recommends…. The top 5 top coats Long are the days where a top coat’s function was to just protect two coats of your nail polish. Today, the market is filled with a wide range of top coats – they can dramatically change the look of your especially if you’re dabbling in nail art designs. […]

Happy Birthday Beyonce

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Go Beyonce, it’s your birthday! Where would the world be without the Queen B, Ms Beyonce Knowles Carter.. singer, artist, fashion icon, actress, designer, dancer, mum, wife, producer, song writer, model.. is there anything she can’t do? At the MeeBox HQ, we would like to take a moment to honour Beyonce’s birthday, who turns 34 […]

MeeBox 001 – California Dreamin

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MeeBox 001 #CaliforniaDreamin It’s been a labour of love, but after an interesting few months, the flagship MeeBox is out there, loose in the world making many ladies and gents (yes we have fellas on our subscriber list!) very happy.So… what is inside? I’ll tell you! As promised, we have 5 nail products including polish, treatment […]

Get Ready for Notting Hill Carnival

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It’s Carnival! It’s Bank Holiday, it’s pouring rain, the temperature has dipped. That’s right folks, it’s time for Notting Hill Carnival. A time to let go, dance the streets of west London, enjoy floats and sound systems and most importantly, get your nails ready… Here are our top nail art pics from Instagram that you […]

5 ways MeeBox Remembers Aaliyah

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RIP Aaliyah All week at MeeBox HQ, we have been playing Aaliyah’s music to celebrate the singer’s life, who tragically died in a plane crash exactly 14 years ago. She was only 24 years old but by this time had released 2 studio albums (and was about to drop the 3rd!) starred in two Hollywood […]

The MeeBox Story

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Our Story How to start a nail polish subscription business in 3 months  Step 1: Find a friend with so much nail polish, you could start a pop-up shop from her bathroom. Step 2: Constantly mock said friend about purchasing even more nail polish (after she told us to stop her from doing so) adding to her […]