When time is of the essence, reach for a can.

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The nail design renaissance is showing no signs of slowing down, which is why it makes perfect sense to speed the polishing process up. Milk Makeup is the self-professed friend of the “on-the-go” gal, and nothing says “get out the door” faster than an artsy manicure that you can apply in seconds. Hot on the heels […]

#Meebox011 #Splash!


Were you lucky enough to get your hands on a #Splash box?! As you may already know, we collaborated with A-England for our first ever indie take over box last month and if you were lucky enough to get your hands on a #Splash! MeeBox, you will now be the proud owner of some fantastic goodies: […]

Who are we anyway? MeeBox 5 fun facts!🔍

1. Three’s company🙋🏽🙋🏾🙋🏼 – yep, it’s just us 3 gals. (From left to right) Bee: Our Marketing & PR Director. Nathalie: Business Development Director. Emma (aka LJ): Creative Director. • 2. Although there are 3 of us running MeeBox, only ONE of us is currently based in the UK – Bee. Nathalie and LJ are […]

You Have To See The Latest Craze To Come Out Of Japan


PHOTO: COURTESY OF BELLE MAISON. A lot of interesting beauty trends have come out of Asia over the past year. There’s the bean sprout hair accessories (so strange they’re almost cute), looking sick on purpose makeup (uh, we’ll pass on this one), and heart hair (aww). And while we happily bow down to many of the incredible, innovative products that come from all over […]

5 Tricks For Taking an Amazing Nailfie


Ever tried to take a nail selfie and #failed? Flattering finger shots are NOT a given. Well, one of the biggest names in nails, Madeline Poole, knows exactly how to nail a #nailfie. The Global Color Ambassador for Sally Hansen let us in on her top tips. 1 USE A COLOURED BACKGROUND  Coloured backgrounds are key to […]

Rooftop Review


Thank you all for those who came down from near and far to visit  MeeBox at London’s finest rooftop bar + cinema, Lost Format Society. We watched chick flicks, sipped on a cocktail or two and offered you complimentary manis from our super star nail techs, Keziah, Emily, Jo, Mets + Marta. A range of MeeBox […]

Nails By Mets to Collaborate with MeeBox


We are extra HYPED this morning as the latest Nail Tech to join the MeeBox Rooftop event is the award winning nail tech, Nails By Mets! YES! Her previous clients include Google, Marks & Spencer, The Body Shop, Boots, Cosmopolitan Magazine, MTV, Lovebox Festival and River Island. Mets will be doing your nails for FREE […]